State Police Respond to Emotionally Disturbed Person

Massachusetts State Police Release – 08182013 – State Police Respond to Emotionally Disturbed Person

Today, Sunday August 18, 2013 at approximately 9:40 a.m., Troopers from the Massachusetts State Police South Boston Barracks responded to the Wollaston Beach area on Quincy Shore Drive in Quincy.  Multiple callers had reported a disorderly person on Quincy Shore Drive near the Yacht Clubs.  The reporting callers stated that this individual was harassing people, including throwing bottles at passersby.

Several Troopers responded and found the subject described attempting to gain access to the Squantum Yacht Club.  As Troopers approached, the subject fled down the boardwalk and jumped into the water.  The responding Troopers were in fear of the subjects mental and physical health.  Troopers Brian Dunn and Kathryn Downey, along with Quincy Police Lieutenant Robert Gillan submerged themselves in neck-high water to assist the subject back to shore.

The 38 year old Quincy resident was assisted to shore by the troopers and then evaluated by EMS personnel.  He was later transported to Quincy Medical Center for evaluation.

No further updates are expected.  Please do not call the barracks directly.