Investigation into Route 3 Truck Crash Ongoing

At 1:04 a.m. today the operator of a tractor-trailer on Route 3 southbound in Tyngsborough reported to State Police that someone threw an object at his windshield, causing him to swerve suddenly. When the tractor swerved, the rear trailer of the double-trailer flipped over in the road.

The truck is owned by FedEx Ground Package Systems in Hammond, Indiana. The operator, a 39-year-old Warren, Mass., man, was not injured.

The operator told responding troopers that he observed a person come from the wood line at the same moment the object was apparently thrown. Troopers recovered a tree log from the right lane of the roadway.

A State Police K9 unit established a track from the woods to a residence on Cannongate Road in Tyngsborough. The investigation of the incident by the Andover Barracks of the Massachusetts State Police is ongoing.

On Thursday, June 22, at approximately 2:10 p.m., a Honda Civic traveling on Route 3 southbound in Chelmsford, was struck by an object believed to be a rock. The object struck the car’s windshield, causing the driver, a 22-year-old woman from South Easton, to veer off the road and into a ditch. That operator, who was not injured, told troopers she believed someone threw the rock from the wood line at the right side of the road.

The location of the June 22 incident was a short distance south of this morning’s incident, about two exits away. Troopers from the Andover Barracks are investigating whether there is any connection between the two incidents.