MEDIA ADVISORY–Troopers Who Helped Rescue Stray Dogs in Puerto Rico to Visit Shelter that Took Some of Them In


In December, a group of the Massachusetts State Troopers that were deployed to Puerto Rico to assist local police there, also became involved, through their own initiative, with the Humane Society’s efforts to rescue some of the many abandoned dogs displaced by last fall’s hurricane. Many of the dogs ended up being transported by rescue organizations to shelters in Massachusetts. The Troopers filmed a short PSA urging prospective dog owners to consider adopting a Puerto Rico rescue dog. We will release the PSA on our social media sites later this week.

Tomorrow (Thursday, Feb. 8) at 2 p.m., the MSP Troopers who undertook this compassionate mission (in addition to their regular policing duties on the storm-ravaged island) will visit the Sterling Animal Shelter, where some of the dogs they helped save ended up. Media are invited to hear the Troopers discuss their efforts to assist the Humane Society on the island, to hear from Shelter staff, and to see some of the rescue dogs the shelter has received from Puerto Rico. We will also show the video the troopers filmed and release that and some photos of the on the island. It is possible that someone from the Animal Rescue League of Boston, which has also taken in rescue dogs from Puerto Rico, will be joining us as well.

Please join us tomorrow to meet the State Troopers who took the plight of these stray dogs to heart, to meet the shelter staff members who continue to help with this important mission, and most of all to meet some of the dogs who survived the hurricane devastation and are awaiting their forever homes in Massachusetts.

The Sterling Animal Shelter is located at 17 Laurelwood Rd., Sterling, MA. The event will begin at 2 p.m. MSP Media Relations staff will be on hand to facilitate media coverage. Thank you in advance.