Heads Up Driving

#HeadsUpDriving ~ Distracted Driving Awareness


The #HeadsUpDriving – Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign is a social media initiative created by Lieutenant Daniel Richard, to create awareness about the dangers of distracted driving.  You can follow Lieutenant Richard’s awareness campaigns on Twitter by following the #LtDanChallenge hashtag.

March 19, 2015: Suggestions from Day 1 of #LtDanChallenge #HeadsUpDriving over on Twitter. Some of these are probably more effective than others. That said, If you have a particular way you avoid the temptation of checking your phone or if you have given your kids specific guidance and wish to share, we would like to hear from you.  Tweet your message to us at @MassStatePolice, @DanRichard or @DustinGFitch, using the hashtag #HeadsUpDriving

Here is how some of us avoid texting and driving:

1.   Turn phone off
2.   Simply don’t look at phone
3.   Use as radio
4.   Put on Silent mode
5.   Keep phone in pocket
6.   Keep phone in purse
7.   Chuck it in the back seat so you can’t reach it
8.   Assign special tones so text and calls sound different
9.   Self-control
10. Put phone in Glove Box
11. I give it to my 3-year-old so she can play games
12. Turn phone volume down or keep it out of reach
13. Bluetooth that hangs on visor and sent on speaker mode
14. Toss in the diaper bag in the back seat
15. Put phone in back seat or even trunk, download App that responds to texts w/ “I’m driving”
16. “I think of my kids and how the text will be there later”
17. Use public transportation
18. Bluetooth headset with voice commands
19. Put phone in Airplane Mode
20. “Never had a cellphone and never will!”