State Police Charge Man and Woman with Heroin Trafficking

Massachusetts State Police Release–09072012–State Police Charge Man and Woman with Heroin Trafficking


On Saturday, August 18, 2012, at approximately 5:00 PM, Massachusetts State Police Trooper Daniel Doiron Jr. stopped a blue 2002 Chrysler Voyager on the ramp from Route 93 north to Route 495 north in Andover because he believed the front driver’s side window was tinted beyond the permitted limit. The occupants of the minivan were a male, the operator, and a female, who was the passenger.

Not having a driver’s license, the operator provided a Maine identification card bearing the name FANCIS ROSARIO-CARABALLO. It was discovered that he had been living in Lawrence for the last month.

CARABALLO told Trooper Doiron that the minivan belonged to a friend’s girlfriend, but that he did not know where she lived or what her name is.

After noticing the female passenger was not wearing a seatbelt, Trooper Doiron asked her for identification. She said she did not have any. As she looked through her purse, Trooper Doiron observed some cards and papers indicating identification, a bundle of money and two prescription bottles, one of which did not have a label. She said her name was MERCEDES SOTO. Trooper Doiron then requested backup and Trooper Edward Johnson arrived at the scene.

Troopers discovered that CARABALLO also did not have a Massachusetts driver’s license. CARABALLO then provided a Puerto Rican ID that appeared to be fraudulent. He told Trooper Doiron that he did not know the female passenger and that he picked her up in Boston and was just dropping her off at a party in Lawrence at an unknown location. He also told Trooper Doiron that there was nothing in the vehicle that was illegal.

Trooper Doiron further investigated the female’s purse. The two bottles in the female’s possession contained prescription medication. One of the two bottles was labeled with the name of another woman who was not an occupant in the vehicle. The cash that was located in SOTO’s purse was divided in two large elastic bundles and the rest was loose denominations. Trooper Doiron also found a Massachusetts driver’s license in SOTO’s purse that identified her as XIOMARA ORTIZ. ORTIZ had an active warrant for trafficking cocaine and was placed under arrest and brought to the Andover State Police barracks to be booked.    CARABALLO was placed under arrest for Unlicensed Operation and cited for Excessive Window Tint. He was brought to the Andover State Police barracks to be booked.

The cash in ORTIZ’s purse totaled $6,530. This, plus the other circumstances of the case provided a reason for Trooper Doiron to request a canine search of the minivan. Trooper Johnson escorted the minivan back to the Coady’s Towing in Lawrence and Trooper Gary Mozuch and his K-9 Jacco completed a narcotics search of the vehicle. Approximately 604 grams of heroin were located in a hidden compartment to the rear of the driver’s seat in the vehicle.    After fingerprinting, it was discovered that CARABALLO was actually LUIS SANCHEZ-MORETA. He was charged with Trafficking Heroin, giving a false name to police, Unlicensed Operation, for three outstanding warrants, and cited for excessive window tint.

ORTIZ was charged with her previous warrant, Trafficking Heroine, giving a false name to police, Possession of a Class E substance, and cited for a Seatbelt Violation.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement also confirmed that SANCHEZ-MORETA was a previously deported felon and that they wanted custody of him.

No further information is available at this time. Please do not call the barracks directly.