State Police To Demonstrate Unmanned Aircraft System for Motor Vehicle Crash Reconstruction

The Massachusetts State Police tomorrow morning will hold a demonstration for media of our new unmanned aircraft system, which the Department is going to use to assist in motor vehicle crash reconstruction.  The demonstration will include flying the drone over a staged car crash and an explanation by State Police of how the drone is helping photograph and take critical measurements of the crash scene.

The use of the UAS is a cutting-edge technique to help reconstruct crashes, to do so more safely, and to clear scenes more quickly. Media will be able to photograph the flight of the drone as well as to closely observe the images the drone is sending back to our crash reconstruction team on the ground.

The demonstration will be held at lot P10 North outside Gillette Stadium in Foxborough at 10:30 am. Participants will include State Police Colonel Richard McKeon; State Police Lt. Andrew Klane, commander of the Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Unit and members of his unit; and representatives from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, which purchased the drone for the MSP to assist in our quick-clearance policy which seeks to clear crash scenes as quickly as possible once it is safe to do so for all persons involved in the crash.

This is the first UAS owned and utilized by the Massachusetts State Police. MSP is one of the first departments in the country to use a drone for crash reconstruction.

Please consider joining us Friday for the demonstration.