Search for Potential Kidnapping Victim in Revere Determined to be Hoax

At 5:48 pm tonight MSP Revere Barracks notified by Revere Police,  who were currently on the phone with a woman who couldn’t speak, but was pressing “1” or “2” on the phone responding to questions asked by police. The woman said she was in the trunk of a green Honda SUV with an unknown plate, driven by female, and was being held against her will.  She said she was 17.

State and Revere Police determined the phone used to make the call was in the area of  Rte 1N in the Revere-Saugus area.   All available MSP cruisers responded to the Revere/Saugus area. Eventually the phone was tracked to Parkside Place at true Overlook Ridge apartment community. We deployed our Air Wing to assist in the search for the green Honda. 

At approximately 6:15 p.m., MSP cruisers used a siren in the complex parking to see if the alleged victim could hear it, and she claimed to Revere Police that she could hear the sirens. The call disconnected two minutes later.

Further investigation by Revere PD revealed that the same trackphone number had been used twice in recent days for hoax calls in the Malden and Revere area.  

All assets searched the complex at Parkside Place without finding a green Honda SUV.

Eventually Troopers and officers determined an address at Parkside Place possibly connected to the phone. Occupants at that apartment were interviewed and knew nothing about the phone, the caller, or the alleged incident. 

The call was determined to be a hoax and at 7:09 all units secured from scene. Further investigation by the State Police Watch Center into two numbers affiliated with that Trackphone revealed it was used for nearly 20 hoax calls recently. In some of those calls kids could reportedly be heard in the background laughing. The investigation into the hoax is ongoing.