Tagging on State House, Private Residence Under Investigation

At approximately 2 a.m. today Massachusetts State Police were notified by DCR Rangers of graffiti painted on the exterior of the State House.

Subsequent investigation by MSP troopers uncovered graffiti painted at the following locations:

  • State House at corner of Derne and Bowdoin streets;
  • State House at corner of Mount Vernon and Hancock streets;
  • DCR guard building on Mount Vernon; and
  • A privately-owned residence on Mount Vernon at Hancock streets.

Most of the tags consisted of words and random letters, except for the guard house, which had splashes of paint on it. The exact words and letters are not being specified in this release to preserve the integrity of the investigation.

Ongoing investigation by MSP Troop H, including review of surveillance video in the area, indicates that the vandalism was committed Saturday night. The investigation suggests that last night’s tagging was likely committed by the same suspect who tagged the State House, other buildings, and a car in the same area earlier this winter.

No further information is being released at this time.