Troopers Arrest Boston Woman for Assault on EMT at Medical Aid Scene

Two Massachusetts State Troopers yesterday afternoon stopped an assault underway against an EMT by a Boston woman and took her into custody despite her fierce attempts to resist arrest. 

Around 4:25 p.m. Thursday, Troopers Paul Conneely and Derek Tronca were conducting a traffic stop on Preble Circle in South Boston. Simultaneously, Boston Fire and Boston EMS were responding to a medical aid call for an unconscious woman at 313 Old Colony Ave., which abuts the rotary. 

While conducting the motor vehicle stop the Troopers heard a man yelling “get back” and heard someone yelling back in response. The Troopers then observed a woman, later identified as DONNA A. TAYLOR, 37, of Boston, trying to push past a Boston EMS supervisor so she could enter 313 Old Colony Ave. The EMS supervisor was attempting to keep her out so the medical response to the unresponsive woman could continue uninterrupted. 

TAYLOR pushed the EMS supervisor and began flailing her arms, striking him in the head and upper body. The supervisor attempted to push her way in self-defense, but she continued her assault unabated, and the two ended up struggling in traffic on Old Colony Avenue at Preble Circle. 

While this was occurring, several people on the sidewalk were filming the assault on their cell phones, but none of them attempted to help the EMS supervisor. 

The Troopers rushed to the site of the ongoing assault and ordered TAYLOR to stop the assault. When she did not immediately comply,  Trooper Tronca pushed her away from the EMS supervisor and Trooper Conneely placed her in handcuffs while TAYLOR relentlessly tried to resist arrest. 

Once cuffed and secured, TAYLOR refused to let herself peacefully be placed into the back of a cruiser, and continued to struggle. Once the Troopers got her inside the cruiser and closed the door, she continued to slam against the glass and violently kick the door panel. 

TAYLOR was transported to State Police-South Boston, where she was charged with the following offenses:

1. Assault on Ambulance Personnel;
2. Assault and Battery on a Person Age 60 or Older;
3. Assault and Battery;
4. Disorderly Conduct;
5. Resisting Arrest; and
6. Disturbing the Peace.

Troopers also determined that TAYLOR was the subject of a Boston Municipal Court warrant charging her with larceny over $1,200 and destruction of property under $1,200, and she was charged on the warrant as well. 

She was ordered held on $3,000 bail plus a $40 bail clerk fee. 
The EMS supervisor did not seek medical attention.