Troopers Arrest Two Men for Illegally Possessing Gun

At approximately 2:30 a.m. on Saturday Trooper Thomas Hashem, assigned to State Police-Athol, was patrolling Route 2 eastbound in Westminster. As he was approaching Exit 24 he observed a Honda Accord with an expired inspection sticker. Trooper Hashem activated his blue lights and stopped the vehicle between the on and off ramps at Exit 24.

After the vehicle stopped Trooper Hashem approached the passenger side of the Honda and identified the operator as ANTOINE MITCHELL, 20, of Leominster and the passenger as TREY MAHONE, 24, of Fitchburg. After speaking to the men for several minutes Trooper Hashem discovered MITCHELL’s license to operate a motor vehicle was revoked. Trooper Robert Thompson then arrived on scene to assist.

Trooper Hashem requested a tow truck to respond to the scene as neither man had a license to operate the vehicle. MITCHELL and MAHONE were secured in the rear of the cruiser while the troopers conducted a tow inventory prior to the vehicle being removed. As soon as Trooper Hashem opened the driver’s door of the vehicle he immediately observed a large firearm sitting in plain sight on the floor. The firearm was identified as a Cobray CM-11 9mm with an extended magazine capable of holding well over 10 rounds of ammunition, the maximum limit in Massachusetts. Neither MITCHELL nor MAHONE possessed a license to carry firearms. Both men were then placed under arrest and a search of the vehicle was conducted. Trooper Thompson located a bag containing a Smith & Wesson 9mm pistol.

After the discovery of the second firearm the vehicle was towed from the scene. MITCHELL and MAHONE were then transported to the Athol Barracks where they were booked. A bail commissioner was contacted and placed a bail amount of $1040 on both men. They were scheduled to be arraigned today at Gardner District Court on the following charges.


  1. Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Revoked License;
  2. Possession of a Firearm without FID Card;
  3. Improper Storage of a Firearm;
  4. Possession of a Large Capacity Weapon;
  5. Possession of a Firearm; and
  6. No Inspection Sticker.


  1. Possession of a Firearm without FID Card;
  2. Improper Storage of a Firearm;
  3. Possession of a Large Capacity Weapon; and
  4. Possession of a Firearm.