The MSP would like to remind citizens to check your vehicle’s lightbulbs between yearly inspections.

At 1:36 a.m. on Thursday, December 30, Trooper Brendan Woeller, a recent graduate of the State Police Academy with the 86th RTT, was on patrol with his field training officer Trooper Kristopher Threlkeld. While on State Street in Springfield, Trooper Woeller noticed a grey Ford Taurus with no plate lights making the vehicles registration plate unreadable. Trooper Woeller was able to position his cruiser behind the Taurus and turn on his cruiser’s blue lights to conduct a stop. Prior to approaching the vehicle Trooper Woeller conducted an electronic inquiry of the vehicle’s registration.

When Trooper Woeller approached the Taurus, he could see the operator reaching around the vehicle and in the vehicle’s center console. When Trooper Woeller made contact with the operator, he immediately recognized him as the registered owner of the vehicle ANTHONY IELLAMO, 36, of Agawam. Given IELLAMO’s reaching around the vehicle and into the center console, and his previously noted history of firearms violations and battery on law enforcement officers, IELLAMO was removed from the vehicle to ensure there were no weapons on his person or in his immediate reach. While outside the vehicle, Trooper Woeller was able to locate five bundles of heroin containing 10 packets each, a half pack bundle containing 5 packets, and a small bag containing crack cocaine on IELLAMO’s person. IELLAMO was placed into handcuffs and secured in Trooper Woeller’s cruiser.

Troopers Woeller and Threlkeld were then assisted on scene by Troopers Patrick Harper and Erick Zelayandia. Together, the Troopers conducted a search of the vehicle and located an additional nine large bags containing a total of 3,005 white pills stamped “Xanax”, a plastic container holding multiple Massachusetts driver’s licenses and credit cards displaying various identities, and a folding knife in the center console where IELLAMO was previously reaching. IELLAMO was placed under arrest and read his Miranda rights. 

IELLAMO was transported to the Springfield Barracks to be booked, fingerprinted, and photographed. He was arraigned at Springfield District Court on the following charges:

  1. Possession To Distribute Class A Drug (Heroin / Fentanyl);
  2. Possession To Distribute Class B Drug (Crack Cocaine);
  3. Possession To Distribute Class E Drug (Xanax); and
  4. Vehicle Number Plate Violation.