In the last three weeks Troopers assigned to Troop B of the Massachusetts State Police were busy. They made a total of five arrests in Springfield and the surrounding area, removing as many illegally-owned firearms off the streets. The work of these Troopers contributed greatly to the Department’s mission to protect the safety of the Greater Springfield area, in these cases by ensuring that those without a license to carry do not possess firearms.

On July 24, Trooper Sean O’Brien conducted a motor vehicle stop on Route 391 in Chicopee after observing a vehicle with a license plate that belonged on a different make and model of vehicle. The operator refused to stop and led Trooper O’Brien on brief pursuit before losing control and crashing. Trooper Bond assisted and detained three occupants while an inventory was performed prior to the vehicle being towed from the scene. They quickly located a loaded Glock-style Polymer 80 handgun capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition. None of the vehicle’s occupants possessed a license to carry firearms.

On July 29, Trooper David Marra was traveling in his fully marked cruiser on Route 91 South in Springfield when he was passed by an Infiniti going more than 100 miles per hour. The vehicle exited the highway and eventually stopped on the Memorial Bridge where Trooper Marra made contact with the operator. The operator’s license and registration were active and as Trooper Marra was preparing to issue him a civil citation, he observed a disassembled firearm in the glove compartment. The operator, who did not possess a license to carry firearms, was removed from the vehicle and placed under arrest. The parts of the gun made a fully functional Phoenix Arms Model HP22A.

On August 4, Trooper Tyler Kane conducted a motor vehicle stop on Route 391 in Chicopee. The operator of the vehicle had a suspended driver’s license and a juvenile passenger seated inside had an active felony warrant for his arrest. After securing the occupants outside of the vehicle, Trooper Kane conducted an inventory of its contents prior to it being towed. Trooper Kane, assisted by Trooper Robert Bardier, discovered a loaded firearm with a magazine capable of holding greater than 10 rounds of ammunition. Neither occupant possessed a license to carry firearms and were both placed under arrest.

On August 10, Trooper Kane performed a motor vehicle stop on Route 91 in Springfield after observing license plates that belonged on another make and model of vehicle. During an inventory of the vehicle’s contents, prior it being towed, Trooper Kevin Quiterio located a .380 semi-automatic handgun loaded with six rounds of ammunition. After an investigation on scene it was discovered that the operator did not possess a license to carry firearms. He was arrested and transported to the barracks for booking.

On August 12, Trooper Joseph Goparian stopped a vehicle for speeding on Route 391 in Chicopee. Upon approach the vehicle, Trooper Goparian learned the operator’s driver’s license may have been suspended. The operator was detained while the license suspension was confirmed. Trooper Christopher Browsky arrived on scene and assisted. After the suspension was confirmed, Trooper Goparian performed an inventory of the vehicle’s contents prior to towing it and quickly located a loaded 9mm handgun under the driver’s seat. The man did not possess a license to carry firearms. Additionally the firearm did not display a serial number, rendering it untraceable. The man was arrested and, while searching his person, Trooper Goparian located multiple wax bags containing a substance suspected to be heroin.