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Governor Proclaims September 17-23 as Forensic Science Week

Governor Maura Healey has declared September 17-23 as Forensic Science Week in honor of the Massachusetts forensic science community and their contributions to public safety. Forensic Science Week is celebrated nationwide every third week of September to recognize forensic scientists for their hard work and highlight the essential role of forensic science in advancing investigations, solving crime, and supporting the administration of justice.


As part of the week-long celebration, the Massachusetts State Police Crime Laboratory (MSPCL) will launch a digital campaign to educate the public about the lab’s various forensic scientific disciplines, share insights about lab operations, and offer advice to aspiring forensic scientists.


“High-quality forensic science services are fundamental to the pursuit of truth and justice and the advancement of equity and fairness in the criminal justice system,” said Governor Maura Healey. “Our administration is proud to mark its first Forensic Science Week by extending our appreciation to the many crime lab professionals dedicated to advancing these principles and achieving the highest standards of forensic science practices.”


“Forensic Science Week provides an important opportunity to honor those working in the field and encourage young people to consider a career in forensic sciences,” said Lt. Governor Kimberley Driscoll. “As a nationally accredited organization, the Massachusetts State Police Crime Lab delivers unbiased scientific evidence to help detect crime patterns, inform investigations, and provide answers to victims and their families. We thank the forensic science community for their commitment to integrity, innovation, and public service.”


"We appreciate the dedication and diligence of the MSPCL’s forensic investigators and scientists,” said Public Safety and Security Secretary Terrence Reidy. “The Commonwealth’s forensic professionals have a wide range of expertise across many disciplines and contribute critical support to police and prosecutors with the impartial and reliable scientific examination of physical evidence. This week and every week, we recognize their instrumental role in public safety and the criminal justice system.” 


“In 2022, after a rigorous evaluation, the Massachusetts State Police Forensic Services Division achieved renewal of its national accreditation for maintaining the highest forensic standards across all disciplines,” said State Police Interim Colonel John Mawn Jr. “The wide-ranging technical expertise of our crime lab system provides critical support to investigations throughout the Commonwealth, and make no mistake, helps solve crimes and attain justice for victims. Of note, the presence of a forensic scientist is instrumental to every homicide scene we investigate. The Forensic Services Division’s painstaking collection and testing of evidence, and its commitment to delivering unbiased and reliable scientific evidence to inform investigations conducted by State Police and our local police partners, is a critical component of our mission to provide answers to victims and their families. It is also one of the reasons that MSP’s homicide solve rate is one of the best in the county, having exceeded 90 percent in each of the last five years.”


“As we launch Forensic Science Week, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the hard-working individuals at the MSPCL,” said Kristen Sullivan, MSPCL Director. “I am truly proud of the talent and dedication our team of forensic investigators and scientists exhibit every single day.”


The Massachusetts State Police Crime Laboratory is a full-service laboratory system with nine locations across Massachusetts, including a state-of-the-art evidence storage facility. The highly trained scientists at the Laboratory respond to crime scenes, perform laboratory testing, and provide expert testimony. The lab’s scientists conduct forensic analysis in various disciplines, including Criminalistics, DNA, Trace/Arson and Explosives, Drug Chemistry, Ante and Post-Mortem Toxicology, Latent Print and Impression Evidence, and Firearms. The lab also performs Breath Alcohol Instrument calibration certifications and collects and processes DNA samples to submit to the national DNA database.


In 2022, the MSPCL achieved national accreditation renewal from the ANSI National Accreditation Board/ANAB, North America’s largest multi-disciplinary accreditation body. After a rigorous evaluation, the MSPCL was granted renewal for exemplifying best practices in international testing, calibration, and forensic-specific standards.

For scenes from the MSP lab, click here.





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