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State Police, Environmental Police Arrest Two Poachers; Troopers Locate Illegally Killed Deer, Fox

On Saturday, Dec. 2, 2023, Massachusetts State Troopers and Massachusetts Environmental Police Officers responded to a report that a deer had been fatally shot from someone inside a pickup in the town of Colrain. Their subsequent investigation led to the discovery by police of a gray fox that had also been killed and the arrests of two men for poaching offenses.

At 6:10 PM Saturday the State Police-Shelburne Falls Barracks received a report that the deer had been shot in front of a home on Shelburne Line Road in Colrain. Trooper Garrett Hall responded to investigate and observed a gray Toyota Tacoma pickup in the area believed to be the truck from which the deer was shot.

Trooper Hall immediately conducted a motor vehicle stop. He observed two men and several unsecured firearms in the Tacoma. Assisted by off-duty Trooper John Ollari, who was in the area, Trooper Hall detained the occupants and secured the vehicle pending further investigation.

The occupants of the Tacoma were identified as IRA B. DOULL, 46, of Worthington, and SETH O. DOULL, 51, of Colrain. They are brothers.

Trooper Randy Zaterka, as well as Massachusetts Environmental Police Lt. David Unaitis, Lt. Tara Carlow, and Sgt. Jerry Shampang, also responded to assist.

Troopers and Officers checked the Tacoma and located a loaded .22 caliber rifle, another rifle, two shotguns, a loaded handgun, four muzzleloaders, and four thermal scopes for seeing targets at night. Also located in the vehicle was an illegally killed gray fox with gunshot wounds to its body and apparent blunt trauma to its head.

Police also examined the buck that had

been killed and was lying in the road. A subsequent necropsy of the deer revealed three .22 caliber slugs in its head and body.

IRA DOULL (top) and SETH DOULL (bottom) were each placed in custody and charged with numerous firearms offenses and fish and wildlife

violations, including the following:

  1. Hunting from a vehicle;

  2. Carrying a loaded shotgun/rifle in a vehicle;

  3. Hunting deer with a rifle;

  4. Discharging a firearm near a highway;

  5. Improper storage of a firearm;

  6. Hunting at night; and

  7. Hunting out of season (fox).

Troopers booked the suspects at State Police-Shelburne Falls, after which a bail clerk set bail at $240 for SETH DOULL and $140 for IRA DOULL. Both posted bail and were released pending arraignment in Greenfield District Court, which took place this week. Both suspects face mandatory Firearm Identification Card revocations and could face revocation of hunting rights in almost all 50 states.

Environmental Police took possession of all firearms and contraband located in the vehicle.

It should be noted that police in that geographic area have received several reports of poaching in the last two years by an offender or offenders operating a gray Tacoma. In the other incidents a suspect or suspects were not identified. The investigation into whether the defendants arrested in Colrain on Saturday are habitual poachers responsible for the past reported incidents.

Booking photos of both defendants, a photo of three of the seized firearms, and a photo of the illegally killed deer are included with this release.



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