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About the Massachusetts State Police

The Massachusetts State Police are a full-service law enforcement agency comprised of more than 2,000 highly trained and motivated Troopers and several hundred civilian personnel who provide a vast array of public safety services to the people and communities of our state.

The Department consists of six Divisions: The Division of Field Services, which oversees our 39 barracks across the state, uniformed patrols, and many tactical assets; the Division of Investigative Services, which investigates major crimes including homicides, sexual assaults, narcotics trafficking, human trafficking, arson and explosives, and gang violence, and tracks down violent fugitives; the Division of Homeland Security and Preparedness, which gathers and shares intelligence about criminal and terrorist activity and oversees air and marine units as well as regional task forces that target large scale opioid traffickers; the Division of Standards and Training, which operates the State Police Academy, provides in-service training, and oversees units that conduct internal investigations and audits; the Division of Forensic Services, which operates the State Police Crime Laboratory and oversees crime scene technicians; and the Division of Administrative Services, which provides such critical functions as fiscal and human resources operations, fleet services, telecommunications resources, and facilities management.

The MSP combines military-style structure and deportment with a progressive emphasis on community policing, civic partnerships, and public outreach. We patrol roadways, state parks and beaches, and other state property; investigate serious crimes; track down fugitives; interdict drug traffickers; field numerous dedicated specialized tactical units that deploy for State Police missions as well as those of our local police partners; investigate motor vehicle crashes; search for missing children and adults; operate a statewide intelligence center and fully-accredited forensic laboratory system; serve on anti-terrorism task forces; provide modern training for our own recruits and those of numerous other police agencies; and work daily to build bridges to the diverse communities and populations we serve and protect.

In addition to incidents and investigations under our jurisdiction, we assist local police departments across the state on daily basis. Whether by deploying one of our K9 teams to help search for a suspect or missing person, providing overflight support from our Air Wing, collecting and analyzing forensic evidence, deploying our Special Tactical Operations Team to a high-risk incident, or in numerous other missions and responses calling for specialized units, we stand with our local partners in our shared mission to make their communities safer.

We work with determination to solve serious and violent crimes and end urgent threats to public safety, and with equal determination to positively impact the life of a child. We are part of the communities we protect.

Our people are our greatest asset. Our duties are wide-ranging, our backgrounds are diverse, and our unique histories shape who we are. On the highways and back roads of our state, in big cities and rural towns from Cape Cod to the Berkshires, from the Merrimack Valley to the South Coast, and everywhere in between, we rededicate ourselves each day to our mission to help and protect others.

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