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58TH RTT Commemorates 50 Years Since Academy Graduation

On June 24, 1974 the 58th Recruit Training Troop began their first day of training. Today marks the 50th anniversary of that day. Retired members, friends, and family of the '58th' were welcomed by MSP Deputy Superintendent Lieutenant Colonel John Pinkham at General Headquarters this morning to share memories and pay tribute to members who have gone before us. A notable graduate of the 58th RTT is Trooper George L. Hanna, who was shot and killed while searching three suspects during a traffic stop in Auburn on February 26, 1983.

In 1974, State Police academy classes were held in Framingham in a building since redesignated as the MSP General Headquarters. In 1992, the State Police Academy was moved to New Braintree where it remains today. This reunion takes place as the newest academy class, the 90th Recruit Training Troop, works to join the ranks of the Massachusetts State Police.


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