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Diesel Gets Trucked on Home...

On Wednesday morning, Massachusetts State Police Lieutenant Don Bossi, commander of the State Police-Revere Barracks, and Trooper Ricky Chiampi responded to a report of an allegedly aggressive pit bull at the northern end of Revere Beach. Upon arrival, state Department of Conservation and Recreation employees already had secured the dog, who was anything but aggressive. The male pit bull, who had no collar or tags on, was only approaching people seeking to play.

Lt. Bossi and Trooper Chiampi took control of the dog. In a throwback to his days as a K9 handler, Lt. Bossi some milk bones and a leash that keeps in his cruiser for calls just like this one, and the dog was cared for until the Winthrop Animal Control Officer responded and took custody of the pup.

Even though the dog had no tags, he was determined to have a microchip, and his owner was quickly located. The owner, who lives in the Point of Pines neighborhood along the northerly end of the beach, said the dog, whose name is Diesel, had figured out how to let himself out of his backyard. The owner was very relieved and appreciative to have Diesel, who is two years old, back home safe and sound.

We're thankful to the two DCR employees who cared for the dog until the Troopers reached the scene, coastal ecologists Jorge Ayub and Lis Kerans. They were on Revere Beach checking on the status of the Piping Plover birds, whose habitat is a restricted area of the coastline.

The photos show Diesel hamming it up with Lt. Bossi and Trooper Chiampi, and with Mr. Ayub and Ms. Kerans.

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