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Joint Investigation Leads to Arrest of Taunton Man for Trafficking Narcotics

During May and June of this year, members of the Commonwealth Interstate Narcotics Reduction Enforcement Team - South initiated an investigation into narcotics trafficking. Intelligence revealed that JASON HODO, 33, of Taunton, was distributing trafficking quantities of fentanyl and cocaine in Rhode Island and throughout Plymouth and Bristol Counties in Massachusetts. Investigators completed extensive traditional and covert surveillance, record checks, and intelligence analysis. The investigation led to warrants being sought and granted to search for all controlled substances at all locations related to HODO.


On Wednesday, June 5, executing officers followed HODO in his vehicle after he departed the Rhode Island location and drove to a Taunton gas station. HODO was detained, searched, and arrested after amounts of fentanyl and cocaine were located. Members then executed the “knock and announce” search warrants without incident at locations in both states.


The searches in Massachusetts led to the seizure of approximately 528 grams of fentanyl, 206 grams of cocaine, and nearly $22,000 from HODO’s person and vehicle. HODO was eventually transported to State Police-Middleboro for booking on charges related to Trafficking Class A and Class B Substances.

A simultaneous search of the Rhode Island location by Rhode Island State Police revealed the following: two firearms loaded with high-capacity magazines, approximately 12 grams of fentanyl, nearly $19,000, several high value bars of gold, jewelry, and a diamond/gold chain with receipt for $103,000. HODO will also face felony gun possession and fentanyl trafficking charges in Rhode Island as well.



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