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MSP Colonel: Crime Lab Important Part of Mission to Attain Justice for Victims

As National Forensic Science Week kicks off we thank Governor Healey for her proclamation recognizing the work of the scientists, analysts, sworn personnel and support staff assigned to our Forensic Services Division. Their dedication ensures that the Massachusetts State Police lab system holds the highest accreditation levels in the field.

“In 2022, after a rigorous evaluation, the Massachusetts State Police Forensic Services Division achieved renewal of its national accreditation for maintaining the highest forensic standards across all disciplines," said MSP Colonel John Mawn Jr. "The wide-ranging technical expertise of our crime lab system provides critical support to investigations throughout the Commonwealth, and make no mistake, helps solve crimes and attain justice for victims.

"Of note, the presence of a forensic scientist is instrumental to every homicide scene we investigate. The Forensic Services Division’s painstaking collection and testing of evidence, and its commitment to delivering unbiased and reliable scientific evidence to inform investigations conducted by State Police and our local police partners, is a critical component of our mission to provide answers to victims and their families. It is also one of the reasons that MSP’s homicide solve rate is one of the best in the county, having exceeded 90 percent in each of the last five years.”



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