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MSP Continues to Roll Extra Patrols for Seatbelt Enforcement Campaign

As part of our "Click it or Ticket" traffic safety campaign, we are rolling extra patrols every day across the state through June 4. Troopers are on the lookout for driving offenses that jeopardize the safety of motorists on our state's roads, including seatbelt violations. In Massachusetts (where seatbelt violations are secondary offenses, meaning police can only issue tickets for failing to wear a seatbelt if the driver is stopped for a primary offense), the overall seatbelt use rate in 2022 was 77 percent, well below the national average of 91.6 percent. Wearing a seatbelt cuts your chance of being killed in a crash, on average, by half, and reduces the chance of your sustaining moderate to critical injuries by an even greater percentage. In short, one of the simplest acts you can take to protect yourself in vehicle -- taking two seconds to buckle up -- is one of the most effective.


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