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OUI Crash Leads to Trafficking, Drug Charges And Seizure Of Illegal Firearm

On the night of Friday, January 20, 2024, Trooper Niko Retzos was patrolling Storrow Drive westbound Near the Hatch Shell in Boston. Trooper Retzos came upon a crashed Subaru in the right lane of Storrow Drive. When Trooper Retzos approached the Subaru, he saw heavy crash damage to the right side of the Subaru and the vehicle’s owner, SEAN MCGRADY, 31, of Windham Maine, in the passenger seat with the door opened.

Trooper Retzos immediately noted signs of intoxication from MCGRADY and was able to determine MCGRADY had been driving the vehicle when it sustained the crash damage. Trooper Retzos, a recent graduate of the State Police Behavioral Observation and Suspicious Activity Recognition (BOSAR) course, quickly made observations of MCGRADY’s behavior, body positioning, focus, and glances. Trooper Retzos began to suspect MCGRADY was unconcerned about the damage to his car or circumstances of the crash, but rather fixated on the floorboards of the vehicle and trying to shield them from Trooper Retzos’s sightline.   

In a momentary shifting of his body, MCGRADY moved his legs to hang outside the Subaru. Trooper Retzos immediately saw, in the location MCGRADY seemed to have been trying to obstruct, a handgun with an extended magazine. The weapon was roughly 6 inches from MCGRADY’s reach.

Trooper Retzos immediately gave MCGRADY commands to exit the vehicle. MCGRADY complied and was placed in handcuffs. Trooper Retzos demanded MCGRADY produce a license to carry a firearm, which he did not possess.

Now backed up by Sergeant Ronald Clapham and Trooper Matthew Chuong, MCGRADY was placed under arrest and secured in the back of a State Police Cruiser. Trooper Retzos secured the firearm resting on the floor of the Subaru, and noted that it contained a round in the chamber and a 21-round magazine loaded with 17 rounds.

Trooper Retzos turned to an inventory of the Suburu’s contents in preparation for a tow. Strewn amongst the contents of the interior were multiple containers of alcohol, and in the center console and glovebox Trooper Retzos discovered dozens of packets containing cocaine and crack cocaine totaling 21 grams, and marijuana weighing 53 grams.

SEAN MCGRADY was offered sobriety tests, booked, photographed, and fingerprinted at the Boston Barracks.

MCGRADY was arraigned at Charlestown District Court on charges of:

1.     Trafficking In Cocaine;

2.     Possession Of Cocaine;

3.     Possession Of Crack;

4.     Possession Of Marijuana;

5.     Possession Of A Firearm Without FID;

6.     Carrying A Loaded Large Capacity Firearm;

7.     Possession Of Large Capacity Feeding Device;

8.     Possession Of Ammunition Without FID;

9.     Improper Storage Of A Large Capacity Firearm;

10.   OUI Liquor – 2nd Offense; and

11.   Open Container Of Alcohol In Vehicle.


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