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Revoked Insurance Results In Man With An Arrest Warrant Facing Firearms And Drug Charges

On Monday, November 13, 2023, Trooper Andrew Kinney was conducting patrol on Route 84 eastbound in the town of Sturbridge. Trooper Kinney’s attention was drawn to a Dodge minivan travelling in the middle lane.

Trooper Kinney attempted to conduct a random check of the vehicle’s registration, but the minivan quickly slowed and took exit 3 on Route 84. Trooper Kinney observed the minivan pull into a gas station in Sturbridge and park at a pump.

Trooper Kinney was quickly backed up by a Sturbridge officer also at the station. Trooper Kinney was able to determine the minivan’s registration had been revoked due to an insurance issue. The minivan’s operator returned from the station’s store and was met by Trooper Kinney who asked him about the vehicle’s registration.

The operator, JEFFREY BIEN-AIME, 30, of Brockton, provided his license to Trooper Kinney who was able to determine BIEN-AIME had an active warrant issued for his arrest.

Trooper Kinney placed BIEN-AIME under arrest for the warrant and seated him in the rear of his cruiser. At this point, Trooper Kinney called for a tow of the vehicle and was assisted by Trooper Kyle Yost. Trooper Yost followed the vehicle as it was towed back to the Sturbridge Barracks garage.

A search of the vehicle was conducted due to the amount of marijuana paraphernalia in plain sight. The search by Troopers Kinney and Yost found two handguns, two loaded magazines, a loaded 30 round pistol magazine, more than 45 rounds of ammunition, and over 45 pounds of marijuana.

BIEN-AIME was booked, photographed, and fingerprinted at the Sturbridge Barracks.

BIEN-AIME was arraigned at Dudley District Court on charges of:

  1. Operating An Unregistered Motor Vehicle;

  2. Operating An Uninsured Motor Vehicle;

  3. Possession Of A Large Capacity Feeding Device (2 counts);

  4. Unlawful Possession of a Firearm;

  5. Possession To Distribute Marijuana;

  6. Carrying A Firearm (2 counts);

  7. Possession Of Ammunition Without FID;

  8. Carrying A Loaded Firearm;

  9. Improper Storage Of A Large Capacity Firearm; and

  10. Improper Storage Of A Firearm.

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