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Revoked Registration Leads To Arrest Of Cocaine Traffickers


Around 4:15AM on Wednesday, June 19, 2024, Trooper Scott Boutell of the SP-Shelburne Falls Barracks was conducting patrol on Interstate 91 in Deerfield. While travelling northbound, Trooper Boutell’s attention was drawn to a Chevy Tahoe traveling in front of his cruiser. Trooper Boutell conducted an RMV query of the vehicle and discovered the vehicle’s registration to be revoked, and the inspection sticker to be expired.


Troopers Boutell conducted a traffic stop and approached the vehicle. While speaking with the four occupants, who were all unbelted, Trooper Boutell spotted an open folding knife in the center console within reach of the driver and various forms of drug paraphernalia in the Tahoe’s passenger compartment. Trooper Boutell acknowledged the weapon in the console and instructed the passengers to keep their hands in sight at all times. Trooper Boutell gathered the driver’s information and returned to his cruiser to await backup. Trooper Boutell soon discovered the driver, RICHARD LOVERING, 52, of Lebanon N.H. had a suspended license and two active warrants for his arrest.


Now backed up by Trooper Kyle Powers, Trooper Boutell removed LOVERING from the vehicle and placed him under arrest. Troopers then methodically removed the remaining three passengers from the vehicle and frisked them for weapons. Due to the drug paraphernalia in the Tahoe, the occupants were searched. One of the passengers, JUSTIN MORRILL, 38, of Burlington Vt. was found to be in possession of roughly 25 grams of crack cocaine and was also placed under arrest.

Trooper Boutell conducted a search of the Tahoe and was able to locate 4 crack pipes, a rubber container of crack cocaine, a plastic bag filled with crack cocaine, a digital scale, and paraphernalia; in addition to the 25 grams of crack found on MORRILL’s person.   


Trooper Boutell wrote a summons to appear in court for drug possession charges for one of the vehicle’s passengers and they were released on scene. LOVERING and MORRILL were transported to the SP-Shelburne Barracks to be booked, fingerprinted, and photographed.

LOVERING was arraigned in Greenfield District Court on charges of:


1.       Trafficking In Cocaine;

2.       Possession Of Cocaine;

3.       Operating A Vehicle With Suspended License;

4.       Operating A Vehicle With Revoked Registration; and

5.       Inspection Sticker Violation.


MORRILL was arraigned on charges of:

1.      Trafficking In Cocaine.  


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