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Speeding Motorcyclist Arrested For Trafficking Cocaine

Around 2:20AM on Saturday, June 22, 2024, Trooper Scott Boutell of the SP-Shelburne Falls Barracks was conducting stationary traffic enforcement on Interstate 91 in Greenfield. While observing the northbound lanes, Trooper Boutell saw a motorcycle pass his location with an obscured license plate. Trooper Boutell caught up to the motorcycle on I91 and noted the motorcycle was travelling over the posted speed limit of 65 miles per hour.

Trooper Boutell conducted a traffic stop and used binoculars to read the license plate which was partially obstructed by loose wiring. When Trooper Boutell queried the Vermont registration plate, no record of the registration information was on file from the Vermont RMV.

Trooper Boutell approached the motorcycle and spoke with the operator. The rider could not produce any identification, or paperwork for the vehicle. The motorcyclist stated he had a Vermont license but did not have it with him, an arrestable offense for an out of state driver. The man gave identification by name and date of birth only, later determined to be the identity of the rider’s family member. With no documentation for the motorcycle and no proof of licensure, Trooper Boutell placed the operator under arrest and secured him in handcuffs.

Now backed up by Trooper Anthony Negron, Trooper Boutell searched the motorcyclist, later identified as JOSEPH CADORETTE, 37, of Williamstown Vt. CADORETTE was found to be in possession of a crack pipe, and two plastic bags of crack cocaine totaling more than 41 grams.

JOSEPH CADORETTE was transported to the SP-Shelburne Barracks to be booked, fingerprinted, and photographed.

CADORETTE was arraigned in Greenfield District Court on charges of:

1.            Trafficking In Cocaine;

2.            Unlicensed Operation Of A Motor Vehicle;

3.            Unregistered Motor Vehicle;

4.            Speeding; and

5.            Number Plate Violation.


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