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Speeding Vehicle Found To Be Trafficking Fentanyl

In the afternoon hours of April 28, 2024, Trooper Matthew Demos, a member of the Troop A Community Action Team, was conducting patrol on Route 495 northbound in Methuen. It was then, that Trooper Demos observed a Chevy Cavalier in front of him speeding in the right lane.

Trooper Demos conducted a traffic stop of the Chevy and approached the operator, who provided a Massachusetts driver’s license. Trooper Demos noted that the vehicle’s interior appeared to be stripped apart, and the ignition was tampered with. The operator was unusually nervous and was evasive in answering the Trooper’s questions.

Trooper Demos was quickly backed up by Sergeant Edward Troy. Trooper Demos deduced indicators of narcotics activity and the operator was asked to step out of the vehicle. As Trooper Demos spoke with the operator, Sergeant Troy spoke with the passenger, JAMES WELCOME, 40, of Andover N.H. Sergeant Troy immediately saw that WELCOME had a knife clipped to his jeans. Sergeant Troy removed WELCOME from the vehicle, secured the knife, and informed WELCOME he would perform a pat frisk for other weapons.

WELCOME then removed two baggies from his jeans pockets. The bags contained substances consistent with crystal methamphetamine, and fentanyl. WELCOME was handcuffed and secured in the rear of a cruiser on scene. Trooper Demos informed the operator that a K9 would be called to the scene. The operator removed several pieces of drug paraphernalia with a powdery residue from her person. The operator was issued a summons to Haverhill district court for possession of a Class A substance and speeding.

WELCOME was transported to the Newbury Barracks and booked, photographed and fingerprinted. WELCOME was determined to have roughly 11 grams of fentanyl, 10 grams of methamphetamine, and numerous prescription pills in his possession.

JAMES WELCOME was arraigned in Haverhill District Court on charges of:

1.       Possession To Distribute Crystal Methamphetamine;

2.       Trafficking in Fentanyl;

3.       Carrying A Dangerous Weapon; and

4.       Possession Of Class E Substance.


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