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State Police Charge Revere Man with Impersonating a Police Officer, Possession of Burglarious Tools

Massachusetts State Police on the night of Sunday, July 23, 2023 arrested a Revere man who was operating a personal vehicle that had flashing yellow lights and who was forcing other vehicles off the roadway. After a Trooper located and stopped the man on Ocean Avenue in Revere, the suspect was charged with impersonating a police officer, carrying a dangerous weapon, and possession of burglarious tools, among other offenses. The suspect, BYRON J. BOISSEAU, 43, is expected to be arraigned today in Chelsea District Court.

At approximately 8 PM Sunday, the State Police-Revere Barracks broadcast a Be On the LookOut (BOLO) alert for a white Ford Crown Victoria with a Massachusetts registration that other motorists had observed utilizing flashing lights to force other vehicles out of the way. A query of the vehicle revealed that it was registered to BOISSEAU.

Ten minutes later, Trooper Richard Ferrino was on patrol, operating his cruiser on Ocean Avenue, when he observed the suspect vehicle turn off Revere Beach Boulevard onto Ocean Avenue and drive toward the Trooper. Trooper Ferrino observed flashing amber-colored lights displayed from the front and rear of the Crown Victoria, which was white with no identifying markings or signs.

The Trooper conducted a motor vehicle stop in the area of 500 Ocean Ave. and approached the vehicle. In addition to the amber lights, he observed a black hat with the word SECURITY on it placed on the top of the back seat, facing the rear window. The Trooper recognized BOISSEAU from the RMV photo observed when his registration had been queried earlier. BOISSEAU was wearing a shirt with the word SECURITY on the front. A silver badge in a holder on a chain was hanging from the rear-view mirror, facing forward.

Upon being questioned, BOISSEAU stated he worked for a security company and was in possession of a mace gun and a BB gun. Trooper Ferrino asked BOISSEAU to exit the vehicle, and as the suspect did so, the Trooper observed him touch the handle of a firearm protruding from a thigh-pocket of his hands. The Trooper took control of the suspect’s arms and removed the gun from the pocket. The gun was a pepper spray gun.

BOISSEAU was wearing a police-style duty belt equipped with several pieces of equipment, including an expandable baton and a handgun that resembled a Glock in appearance. Trooper Ferrino removed the handgun from its holster and verified it was a BB gun loaded with metal pellets. BOISSEAU stated he had the equipment for security employment purposes.

A subsequent search of the Crown Victoria led to the discovery of the following items:

  1. A bulletproof vest with two steel plates inserted;

  2. A metal security badge in a chain holder;

  3. A large black flashlight;

  4. An aluminum holder used by police to hold paper citation forms;

  5. A black Balaclava-style ski mask;

  6. A large pair of bolt cutters;

  7. A small pair of bolt cutters; and

  8. A push-bar bumper (the types of bumpers attached to the front of police vehicles).

Additionally, Troopers recovered the following items from BOISSEAU’s belt and pockets:

  1. A folding knife;

  2. Black handcuffs in a belt pouch;

  3. A small black flashlight;

  4. A cannister of pepper spray in a belt holder;

  5. Two handcuff keys;

  6. The previously mentioned expandable baton;

  7. An alcohol breathalyzer test kit in its wrapper;

  8. Black rubber gloves;

  9. The previously mentioned Glock-style BB gun, and

  10. The previously mentioned plastic mace gun with a cannister of propellant.

Troopers placed BOISSEAU under arrest and charged with the following offenses:

  1. Impersonation of a Police Officer;

  2. Carrying a Dangerous Weapon;

  3. Possession of Burglarious Tools;

  4. Disorderly Conduct;

  5. Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle, and

  6. Attaching Non-Compliant Aftermarket Lighting.

BOISSEAU was booked at the State Police-Revere Barracks and released on bail pending arraignment in Chelsea District Court, which is expected today. All seized items were secured as evidence. The photo shows some of the items that were in the suspect’s possession.



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