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Traffic Stop For No Front License Plate Leads To Three Arrests, Weapons Charges, And Seizure Of Defaced Firearm

On the afternoon of Monday, January 29, 2024, Trooper Carlo Mastromattei, a member of the Community Action Team (CAT) for Troop A was conducting patrol on Western Avenue in Lynn. At that time, Trooper Mastromattei and A Troop CAT Troopers had been tasked with increased patrols in that area in response to a recent gang-related double homicide as well as numerous shootings.

Trooper Mastromattei observed a Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV approach his position with no front license plate affixed. Trooper Mastromattei conducted a traffic stop of the Jeep and made contact with the operator, EDIXON MEJIA, 21, of Chelsea.

Unable to see into the rear seats of the SUV even during the afternoon daylight, Trooper Mastromattei asked MEJIA to roll down the rear windows. With the windows down, Trooper Mastromattei saw that there were two male occupants in the rear seats. At the feet of one of the passengers was an open bottle of Patron tequila. Neither of the passengers in the rear of the vehicle were 21.

Trooper Mastromattei called for backup, and A Troop CAT members Trooper Tah Yem and Trooper Jeffrey Bermani soon arrived on scene. Given the alcohol at the feet of a passenger under 21, Trooper Mastromattei asked MEJIA for permission to search the vehicle, which MEJIA allowed. 

Troopers removed the three occupants from the Jeep, and Trooper Mastromattei turned to a search of the SUV. Trooper Mastromattei quickly discovered in the center console of the vehicle three spring assisted knives which were in violation of Lynn city ordinances and Massachusetts General Law. With this discovery, Troopers Yem and Bermani conducted a pat frisk of the passengers of the vehicle. One of the passengers removed from the rear seats, a 16-year-old juvenile, was found to be in possession of a loaded .22 caliber handgun with a defaced serial number. At that time, the three occupants, including the third passenger, WALTER RAMIREZ ESTUBAN, 18, of Chelsea, were placed into handcuffs. None of the three occupants of the Jeep could produce a license to carry a firearm when prompted to do so.

EDIXON MEJIA, WALTER RAMIREZ ESTUBAN, and the juvenile passenger were placed under arrest and transported to the Revere Barracks.

MEJIA and RAMIREZ ESTUBAN were booked, photographed, and fingerprinted in accordance with MSP policy. The two men were bailed from the Revere Barracks and ordered to appear at Lynn District court.

The juvenile passenger was held at the Revere Barracks until his guardian arrived to take custody and was seen the following day at Lynn Juvenile Court.

MEJIA was arraigned in Lynn District Court on charges of:

  1. Possession Of A Firearm;

  2. Carrying A Dangerous Weapon;

  3. Procuring Alcohol For A Person Under 21;

  4. License Plate Violation;

  5. Failure To Inspect Vehicle; and

  6. Possession Of An Open Container Of Alcohol.

RAMIREZ ESTUBAN was arraigned at Lynn District Court on the charge of:

  1. Possession Of Liquor While Under 21.


The juvenile appeared in Lynn Juvenile Court on charges of:

  1. Carrying A Firearm;

  2. Possession Of Ammunition Without FID;

  3. Possession Of A Firearm With Defaced Serial Number;

  4. Possession Of A Large Capacity Feeding Device; and

  5. Possession Of Liquor While Under 21.


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