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Trooper's Observation of Too-Dark Window Tint, Lack of Inspection Sticker, Leads to Drug Arrest

A Trooper’s alert observation of a car with window tint that was too dark, and which had no inspection sticker, led to the arrest of a Fall River man on drug charges early on the morning of July 4.

At 4:16 AM Trooper Austin Rose was on patrol on Westgate Drive in Brockton when he saw a 2006 Infiniti G35 in a parking lot. The car had no inspection sticker and had very dark window tint. When the car left the parking lot, Trooper Rose conducted a motor vehicle stop. He was backed up by Trooper Paul Oliveria.

Upon investigation, Trooper Rose determined the Infiniti had a window tint at a level illegal in Massachusetts (under Massachusetts law, tinted windows must allow at least 35 percent of light to pass through the window; the level of tint in the Infiniti was well below that). Trooper Rose smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and observed a knife clipped to the male driver’s waistband. He ordered the driver, MARCUS DAVIS, 25, of Fall River, and his 21-year-old female passenger from the vehicle.

Trooper Oliveria then observed a scale and numerous plastic baggies, items consistent with narcotics distribution, in the car’s center console. The Troopers searched the vehicle and located a bag of marijuana; a fanny pack with a large amount of cash later determined to be greater than $4,000 and two bags, one containing suspected fentanyl, the other containing suspected cocaine; two bags containing pills believed to be MDMA (ecstasy); a container of a substance labeled THC wax; and a box containing credit cards in a different person’s name.

DAVIS was placed under arrest on the following charges:

1. Possession of a Class A narcotic with intent to distribute, subsequent offense;

2. Possession of a Class B narcotic with intent to distribute, subsequent offense (two counts);

3. Possession of a Class C narcotic with intent to distribute;

4. Possession of a Class D narcotic with intent to distribute; and

5. Receiving stolen property.

He was also cited for having no inspection sticker and having window tint that was too dark.



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