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Troopers Arrest Drug Trafficker In Possession Of Machete and Gun


In the early morning hours of May 28, 2024, Trooper Austin Rose was conducting stationary traffic enforcement on Route 27 in Brockton as part of the SP Milton-Barracks midnight shift. Trooper Rose’s attention was drawn to a black Cadillac which crossed over the marked lanes while driving on Route 27.


Trooper Rose caught up to the Cadillac, which had turned onto West Street and was travelling above the posted limit of 30 miles per hour; and conducted a traffic stop. Trooper Rose approached the operator, LOUIS WEEKENSON, 40, of Hyde Park and immediately smelled the odor of burned marijuana wafting from the passenger compartment. When asked by Trooper Rose if there was a reason for the smell, WEEKENSON could not provide an explanation.


Trooper Rose asked WEEKENSON if there was anything inside the vehicle Trooper Rose should be aware of. WEEKENSON opened a bag and showed Trooper Rose some of the contents, which included a small scale with a white powder residue.


Trooper Rose had WEEKENSON step out of the vehicle and secured him in the rear of his cruiser. While Trooper Rose watched WEEKENSON exit, he saw the handle of a bladed object on the floorboards of the driver’s side. With Backup from Trooper Corey McLaughlin, Trooper Rose confirmed the object on the floor to be a large machete.


During a further search of the Cadillac, Troopers Rose and McLaughlin discovered a large bag of crack cocaine, 20 individually packaged smaller bags of crack, 9 bags of fentanyl, and 3 large bags of powdered cocaine. In addition to the narcotics, in a black pouch, Trooper Rose found a loaded Glock 23 with a large capacity magazine holding twelve .40 caliber rounds. An additional twelve rounds of .22 caliber ammunition were also found in the bag containing the Glock. WEEKENSON does not possess a license to carry a firearm.

LOUIS WEEKENSON was placed under arrest and transported to the Milton barracks to be booked, fingerprinted, and photographed. WEEKENSON was arraigned in Brockton District Court on charges of:


1.       Trafficking In Fentanyl;

2.       Trafficking In Cocaine;

3.       Possession Of A Firearm Without FID;

4.       Possession Of Firearm / Ammunition Without FID (Subsequent Offense);

5.       Possession Of A Large Capacity Firearm During In A Felony;

6.       Carrying A Loaded Firearm;

7.       Firearm Violation With Three Prior Violent / Drug Crimes;

8.       Carrying A Dangerous Weapon (Machete);

9.       Marked Lanes Violation; and

10.   Speeding.


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