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Troopers Arrest Two Men Trafficking Cocaine

Shortly before midnight on September 10, Troopers Anthony Grasso and Christopher Taylor, assigned to State Police Bourne, were stationary observing traffic on Cranberry Highway in Wareham. At that time, Trooper Grasso observed a red Ford Fusion pass his location without an inspection sticker. He entered traffic and stopped the vehicle on Depot Street.

Upon stopping the vehicle, the Troopers observed two occupants in addition to the operator, identified as EMANUEL TORRES, 19, of Onset. While speaking to the vehicle’s occupants, Troopers detected the strong odor of Marijuana, and observed signs of impairment. TORRES was then removed from the vehicle in order to conduct field sobriety testing. During a pat/frisk of TORRES’ person, Trooper Grasso located several bag containing a substance suspected to be Crack Cocaine. TORRES was placed under arrest and seated in the rear of a cruiser.

After additional investigation on scene, Troopers removed the other two occupants and conducted a search of the vehicle. A bag located inside contained a large amount of cash, a digital scale commonly used in the packaging and sale of illegal narcotics, and as empty packaging material. Troopers also located additional bags containing substances suspected to be Cocaine and Crack Cocaine. One of the two passengers, identified as JAMARY SANTIAGO PIRES, 19, of Wareham, was also found to have a substance suspected to be Cocaine on his person and was subsequently placed under arrest. In total, Troopers seized over 60 grams of Cocaine.

Both men were transported to the Bourne Barracks for booking where they were scheduled for arraignment on the following charges.


  1. Possession of a Class B Substance with Intent to Distribute, two counts;

  2. Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence of Drugs;

  3. Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle;

  4. Conspiracy to Violate Drug Law;

  5. No Inspection Sticker; and

  6. Failure to Wear Seatbelt.


  1. Conspiracy to Violate Drug Law;

  2. Possession of a Class B Substance with Intent to Distribute, two counts; and

  3. Trafficking in Cocaine.



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