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Troopers Arrest Two Men Trafficking Fentanyl, Cocaine

Shortly before midnight on Sunday August 27, Trooper Jeffrey Bermani, assigned to the Troop A Community Action Team, conducted a traffic stop on a brown Chevrolet Silverado suspected to the involved in illegal trafficking of narcotics. After stopping the vehicle, Trooper Bermani, assisted by Sergeant Edward Troy, approached it and immediately observed paraphernalia commonly used in the consumption of illegal narcotics. After an investigation on scene, Troopers removed the driver and passenger, identified as PAUL COLBETH, 44, of Bass Harbor, Maine and IAN JELLISON, 42, of Southwest Harbor, Maine, respectively, from the vehicle. During a pat-frisk of their person, Troopers discovered additional drug paraphernalia.

After conducting a search of the vehicle, Troopers located a combined total of approximately 225 grams of Cocaine and 80 grams of Fentanyl. Both men were placed under arrest and transported to the Newbury Barracks for booking where they were scheduled for arraignment at Newburyport District Court on the following charges.


  1. Trafficking in Fentanyl;

  2. Trafficking in Cocaine;

  3. Conspiracy to Violate Drug Law; and

  4. Speeding.


  1. Trafficking in Fentanyl;

  2. Trafficking in Cocaine; and

  3. Conspiracy to Violate Drug Law.



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