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Troopers Impound 14 Illegal Mopeds and Scooters In Boston Enforcement Action

Last night, June 4, around 8:00PM, Troopers of the MSP Motorcycle Unit were conducting enforcement action on the Southwest Corridor in Boston's Fenway area.

The Troopers were able to identify dozens of mopeds and scooters that were improperly registered or being operated by unlicensed individuals. The Troopers cited the operators, who at the time were inside an establishment having a meal. In total, Troopers impounded 14 illegal mopeds and scooters in the area of Dartmouth Street and in the Fenway.

In recent weeks, many complaints have been received by citizens and residents regarding mopeds and scooters operating erratically and without regard to traffic laws. The Troopers received many thanks from passersby and residents as the mopeds were secured, and towed from the area.


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