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Cannonballs Unearthed at Waltham Construction Site Countercharged by MSP Bomb Squad

Late yesterday morning a contractor working at a commercial construction site at 41 Foundry Ave., Waltham, discovered what appeared to be several cannonballs while excavating a trench. The Waltham Police and Fire Departments responded, as did members of the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad, the Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Team from the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services, and an ATF agent. Further investigation of the site by responders, with assistance from a heavy equipment operator, uncovered several additional cannonballs of various sizes, along with one more modern projectile. In all, 12 cannonballs were recovered. With the assistance of local police officers and firefighters, the ordinance was transported to a safe location and successfully countercharged, rendering the items safe pending further disposal.



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