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Man Found on Mass. Pike Ramp Friday Suspected of Being Victim of Fall, Not Vehicle Strike

A 50-year-old  male located with serious injuries Friday morning on the ramp from the Massachusetts Turnpike eastbound to the Prudential/Copley Exit in Boston was later pronounced deceased at Tufts Medical Center. 

Based on the location of the man when he was located at 8:20 AM yesterday, first responders initially suspected he had been struck by a motor vehicle that did not remain on scene. 

Subsequent investigation by Troopers revealed no evidence of a vehicle strike. Rather, Troopers observed a concrete ledge approximately 20 feet above the location where the man was found. Further investigation revealed items on the ledge, including a sleeping bag and toiletries, that suggested a person had been living on the ledge. 

Troopers interviewed the trauma surgeon who attempted to save the victim’s life; the surgeon

stated that the injuries that the victim sustained were less likely caused by a motor vehicle strike and were more likely sustained from the impact created from an elevated fall. 

The investigation was conducted by the State Police-Detective Unit for Suffolk County,

State Police-Tunnels Barracks, State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section, and State Police Crime Scene Services Section.

The official cause and manner of the victim’s death will be determined by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. 



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