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MSP Trooper's Motor Vehicle Stop Results in Capture of Fugitive MS-13 Member Wanted for Murder in El Salvador

A Massachusetts State Police Trooper pulled over a minivan on Interstate 95 in Canton for motor vehicle violations on the night of February 18, 2024, and upon querying the driver, determined that the man had entered the United States illegally, had affiliations with the MS-13 violent criminal gang, and was wanted for homicide in his home country of El Salvador. After MSP Troopers arrested and booked the man, identified as WILMER A. GARCIA-MANZANARES, 44, they released him to the custody of United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

 At approximately 8:45 PM on that date, MSP Trooper Ralph Dasilva of the Troop H Community Action Team was conducting traffic enforcement on the ramp from I-93 south to I-95 south when he observed a black Honda Odyssey pass him with no light on its rear license plate. Trooper Dasilva pulled behind the Odyssey and conducted a motor vehicle stop.

When the Trooper asked the operator for his driver’s license, the man stated he did not have a Massachusetts license. The driver showed the Trooper a photo on his phone of a driver’s license issued in El Salvador and provided a passport from that country that identified him as GARCIA-MANZANARES. GARCIA-MANZANARES had a Lynn address.

Trooper Dasilva returned to his cruiser to query GARCIA-MANZANARES and the vehicle. After confirming that the man did not have a Massachusetts license, Trooper Dasilva queried the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database, which revealed that GARCIA-MANZANARES was a fugitive from El Salvador, affiliated with the MS-13 international criminal gang, wanted for homicide and extortion.

The NCIC response also indicated that GARCIA-MANZANARES could be armed and dangerous, had committed multiple crimes in New York state in recent years, and had previously been removed from the United States. The response also requested the arresting agency to immediately contact INTERPOL (the International Criminal Police Organization), which had issued a Red Notice – a request to law enforcement agencies worldwide to locate and hold a wanted person pending extradition or surrender – on behalf of El Salvadoran authorities for GARCIA-MANZANARES.

Additional Troopers arrived to back up the stop and GARCIA-MANZANARES was removed from the vehicle and placed under arrest for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. Troopers transported him to the State Police-Foxboro Barracks to be booked. Simultaneously, the Troop H duty lieutenant notified ICE and INTERPOL of the arrest per MSP policy. An ICE Deportation Officer responded to the barracks.

After he was booked, GARCIA-MANZANARES was released to the custody of the ICE Officer in the barracks lobby for further enforcement of federal offenses. Information provided by federal officials indicates that GARCIA-MANZANARES illegally entered the US at least four times in recent years, including illegal border crossings into New York state and Texas. Each time, after his capture and removal, he returned to the US.

GARCIA-MANZANARES' MSP booking photo is below.



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