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Last night we were reminded again — as if any reminder were needed — of the dangers police officers face every day and every night as they work, selflessly, to keep us safe.

While most of us were home with our families, or out spending time with friends on a Friday night, Police Officers and Troopers were at work, a Boston Police Officer was shot while protecting his city.

The members of The Massachusetts State Police hope and pray for the Officer’s speedy and full recovery.

We stand with our partners at the Boston Police Department in our shared resolve to make our communities and the Commonwealth safer, so that everyone, regardless of where they live, can enjoy a life free from crime and violence.

We are grateful for the strong partnership we share with our brothers and sisters at the Boston Police Department. Our agencies share a special bond — we both have long, proud, and distinguished histories. Members of the Boston Police and the MSP are united in the qualities of service and sacrifice, in a determination to fulfill our missions amid, oftentimes, especially complex, sensitive, and challenging circumstances.

When they hurt, we hurt.

Policing is a dangerous job. The men and women in this profession wear a bullet proof vest and carry a pistol, just to go to work. It is a noble profession – a calling, more than an occupation. Those who answer the call, who join the ranks, know the risks. There are times, like last night, when we are confronted with this reality.

Through May 31 of this year, 166 officers have been shot in the line of duty across our nation, 20 of them fatally.  In the first week of June, three more officers were killed by gunfire, including West Virginia State Police Sergeant Cory Maynard on June 2.

We must acknowledge, also, that no officer or trooper assumes these risks in a vacuum. As a law enforcement officer leaves his or her home each day to confront the unexpected, the worries and concerns — as well as the dedication and resolve — of those who love them go with them. Families and loved ones share in this calling. Dedication and sacrifice are required of them, too.

To members of the law enforcement profession, we thank you from the depth of our hearts. Please continue to take care of yourselves, each other, and those who wait for your safe return home at the end of every shift.   

To the public we serve, please know that our commitment to protecting you and your own families and communities will never cease.

Colonel Jack Mawn


Massachusetts State Police


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