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Troopers Arrest Drug Traffickers In Possession Of Sawed Off Firearms Who Fought To Flee Traffic Stop


Around 11:10PM, on May 28, 2024, Trooper Joel Daoust was conducting stationary traffic enforcement on Route 12 in Oxford as part of the SP Sturbridge-Barracks midnight shift. Trooper Daoust’s attention was drawn to a black BMW sedan which was dragging part of it’s engine cowling on the roadway as it drove.


Trooper Daoust pulled onto Route 12 behind the BMW, and attempted to conduct a traffic stop as the vehicle was turning into Carron Lane in Oxford, a looped road with only one point of exit. The BMW accelerated and disappeared out of Trooper Daoust’s view on the loop of Carron Lane. Trooper Daoust turned off his blue lights and soon reacquired the same vehicle, dragging part of it’s undercarriage on the road.  


Trooper Daoust again tried to stop the BMW, now coming at him. The BMW reached a bottleneck in the road blocked by Trooper Daoust’s cruiser. Trooper Daoust approached the vehicle, identifying himself as a State Trooper and ordering the operator, RYAN CHRISTIAN, 35, of Dudley, out of the vehicle. Trooper Daoust could see the CHRISTIAN trying to place the vehicle in reverse and flee. Trooper Daoust was able to open the driver’s door and utilize his taser, as well as controlling techniques to subdue CHRISTIAN, who was actively resisting and kicking Trooper Daoust in an attempt to put the car in reverse.


During the altercation, the vehicle’s passenger, SAMANTHA SWEENY, 24, of Webster, exited the vehicle. As Trooper Daoust handcuffed CHRISTIAN, SWEENY began reaching back into the sedan moving items in the passenger footwell. Trooper Daoust assisted CHRISTIAN with his inhaler and called for EMS to evaluate the handcuffed man. SWEENY continued to reach into the BMW. Trooper Daoust ordered SWEENY to stop reaching into the vehicle, which she refused. Now backed up by Trooper Andrew Kinney, Trooper Daoust separated a combative SWEENY from the BMW and placed her in handcuffs.  


After CHRISTIAN was transported, while under MSP watch, to a hospital by Oxford EMS; Troopers turned to a search of the BMW. Troopers Daoust and Kinney located knotted bags containing more than 12 grams of fentanyl, a knotted bag containing over 45 grams of cocaine, several suboxone tabs, more than 13 grams of crack cocaine, prescription medications belonging to an unknown party, three knives, forty-seven loose .22 caliber bullets, a sawed-off shotgun and loaded magazine, fifty 12-guage slugs, a .22 caliber short barrel rifle with a spent casing still in the chamber, drug paraphernalia, and a digital scale. Neither CHRISTAIN, nor SWEENY possess a license to carry a firearm.

RYAN CHRISTIAN and SAMANTHA SWEENY were placed under arrest, booked, fingerprinted, and photographed. CHRISTIAN and SWEENY were arraigned in Dudley District Court on charges of:


1.       Resisting Arrest;

2.       Conspiracy To Violate Drug Law;

3.       Trafficking In Fentanyl;

4.       Trafficking In Cocaine;

5.       Possession Of A Firearm;

6.       Possession Of A Sawed-off Shotgun;

7.       Possession Of Ammunition Without FID; and

8.       Possession Of A Firearm During A Felony;

CHRISTIAN faces additional charges of:

9.     Fail To Stop For Police;

10.   Negligent Operation Of A Motor Vehicle;

11.   Operation Of A Motor Vehicle With Suspended License;

12.   Operation Of A Motor Vehicle While Suspended For OUI;

13.   Unlicensed Operation;

14.   Possession To Distribute Class B Drug - Subsequent Offence (Two Counts);

15.   Assault With A Motor Vehicle;

16.   Firearm Violation With 3 Prior Drug Crimes; and

17.   Failure To Wear Seatbelt.

SWEENY faces additional charges of:

9.     Interfering With A Police Officer;

10.   Possession To Distribute Class B Drug;

11.   Possession Of Class B Drug;

12.   Possession Of Class E Drug; and

13.   Carrying A Dangerous Weapon.


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